I’m kicking off 2024 with a great little recipe that I return to almost every new year.  It’s a brilliant way of using up your leftover Christmas ham or, if it is a different time of year, your Thanksgiving ham or basically, any lovely ham you have kicking around your fridge.  You have to like brussels sprouts though!  Which I do, with a passion.

I was pleased with my ingenuity when deciding to pop the brussels sprouts in the same boiling water as the potatoes to cook, especially after I read Andy’s comment, “This is not only a marvelous dish, but a whole dinner as well, and to a Scot this is most important because, for one thing, it saves fuel.”

When I made this in 2021, my chum Lucy liked the look of the recipe and made a version with ordinary potatoes in place of the sweet potatoes and added a little cheese on top.  I did the same, and no offense to Andy, but as they might say on Masterchef, this ELEVATED the dish.

It was so good that on the first mouthful, I decided Andy would be inducted into the Top 100 Movie Star Recipes Hall of Fame.

Apologies to Andy for giving him a big Worcestershire Sauce beauty spot.

Here’s the recipe folks, do get in touch if you make it…


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