ann sherdan
“They nicknamed me “The Oomph Girl”,
and I loathe that nickname!”

Ann’s casserole is in the oven. The first in my new batch of test cooking. I’m really doing it properly, making copious notes and working my way through the whole list of sixty something – even Katharine’s Eggplant dish – yeach! Everyone is welcome to join in!

There is something really nice about making something then leaving it to cook for an hour or so and doing something else while delicious smells fill the air. Maybe that’s why most of my star favourites are casseroles – Marlene’s Lamb Chops, Constance’s Spanish Chicken and Ann’s Chili. All gorgeous. There’s a picture on the flickr site…

By a fantastic quirk of fate I have switched on the TV to find that “Who Do You Think You Are “is on and for reasons I can’t explain right now (top, top secret) I am particularly interested in this one as it is all about Alastair McGowan finding out exactly what Anglo-Indian actually means… Fascinating stuff….

I’m off now to switch on my birthday electric blanket – the perfect gift from the lovely Rosalind and Jimmy. My room is awful cold!

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