I feel a bit like that myself today Anna May.  I am pleased to report that when I left for work this morning there was a MAN asleep in my bed.  Ha ha!  I wonder if he’ll still be there when I get home?  I’m not saying who it was but here’s a clue.  As I left I said, “don’t read any of my stuff and DON’T MESS WITH MY HI-FI.”

I spent a lot of this weekend mucking around with recipe copyright business.  The pool is getting murkier.  Not sure what is going to be the end result of all this.  We’ll see.  What with all of that and DJing at Ally Pally in the evening I haven’t got the film made for this month’s cookalong -eek.  February is a short month and the newsletter should go out tomorrow.   I had LOADS of fun making AMW Tea Cakes last Tuesday with Shirley & Paulette and we got some great bits and pieces of footage.  I feel a late night editing session coming on even though I barely got a wink of sleep last night.  Felt very strange to have someone else in the bed.  But very nice indeed.

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