Ah, these turned out perfectly!  I decided to make some of these as well as the Ice Box Cookies for the “Women in Early Hollywood” event and good job I did – they were all scoffed!  This one is definitely going in the Silver Screen Suppers book and I have retranslated the American cups measurements according to Delora Jones’ wonderful book:

Up until now I’ve been using all kinds of resources to anglicise the recipes but I am going to go through all 52 recipes iand standardise them according to Delora’s measurements.  This was an expensive purchase but man oh man it’s going to be worth every penny.  If you cook using metric measurements and use a lot of American recipes I heartily recommend it – you can buy it here.

Last night was a bit nerve wracking but fun.  It was great to meet Pamela from the Silent London blog again.  Her site is the very very best place to find out about Silent movie events in London and much, much more.  I’m going to put aside some time this weekend to listen to her recent podcast.   It was also lovely to meet Kira Cochrane who writes for the Guardian.  I wrote her a fan letter once (!) after she published a piece in the Guardian about cooking with the stars so I knew she was a kindred spirit.  The panel was chaired by author and broadcaster Bidisha who was very kind to us all!

My Ice Box Cookies turned out good too – but I’m going to attack the recipe with Delora’s book in hand just to make absolutely sure I have the proportions right…

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