“Do at least a few of the things that really seem fun.
Nobody should be afraid to have fun …even if it’s silly.”
This apparently was Anne’s comment in a magazine when she was asked why she was wearing toe rings…
Oooh I love Anne Baxter in “All About Eve” and possibly my favourite scene in a movie EVER is when she starts RIPPING THAT WIG in a rage. Fantastic. I may just have to watch it again with a serving of her “Magic Orange Cups”.
I made these for Paulette’s book group. Strange looking mixture which looked a bit curdy on top but cooked up just fine. Sort of creme caramel consistency but orangey. Paulette’s little angel Shirley LOVED the idea of these little custardy treats and as each guest arrived for dinner shouted, “MAGIC ORANGE CUPS, MAGIC ORANGE CUPS” with much excitement.
I have volunteered to host the next meeting of the group at THE STAR’s place so will have to think of a suitably bookish dinner to have with a discussion of Brick Lane.

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