On our tour around the stations of the Northern Line, carrying film star foodstuff, I am always on the lookout for something appropriate to scoff on the platform.  Hampstead is renamed Audrey Hepburn in Simon Patterson’s genius reimagining of the map

and the cute little potato balls from Audrey at Home were the perfect snacking fodder.

These are really fun to make and we both loved them.

Good as a fancy potato for a fancy dinner party I reckon.

Here’s the recipe. Rochita was Audrey’s cook. We know from her son this is something Audrey enjoyed eating, even though she may not have ever got the melon baller out herself.  We will probably never know…

Here I am presenting the potato balls to the roundel as per tradition.

Mr R’s first taster.



The Pub

We went to one of our favourites for our post snack drinkie, The King William in Hampstead (affectionately known as The King Willie).

I particularly like the ladies loo, because Liz is in there.

Mr Rathbone’s Station Factoids

At 192 feet below ground level, Hampstead tube station boasts the deepest platforms of all the underground network, and is a mere half mile from the highest point in London. Although the North London line had provided a steam service to Hampstead Heath at the South End of of the village since 1860, and the Metropolitan Railway had originally planned to extend their branch from Baker Street to a proposed Hampstead station a few years later, it wasn’t until 1907 that the heart of village got its own station, when the Charing Cross, Euston & Hampstead Railway opened what eventually became today’s Edgware branch.
Although the line was often referred to as the ‘Hampstead Tube’, the station’s original planned name was Heath Street, and some of the vintage tiling on the platforms still bears that legend (the name had officially been changed to Hampstead prior to opening). Thankfully, despite its mighty depth, there are four high speed lifts to whisk you up to the surface, though some brave souls still climb the 320 emergency steps up and out of the station!
Not me, Mr Rathbone!! Lift all the way.
I love the tiles at this station.  May it never be modernised…

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