This photo says it all really. Can there be anything more summery and delicious than strawberries and cream? With a bit of cake thrown in? I made these a donkeys age ago but summer socialising has thrown my schedule all out of whack so they are only now floating to the top of the to-write-list. There was nobody about when I made them so I scoffed two and took the rest into work. Everyone loved me that day.

The recipe was in the June Delicious Magazine and when it dropped through the letterbox I was on the Kay & Fred’s Movie Night column like a bonnet. I need no excuse to pull Ball of Fire off the shelf as it is in my top fave 5 movies of all time. I absolutely love it.

Plus although I keep telling myself I don’t have a sweet tooth, the idea of strawberry shortcake was very appealing. What a treat.

I don’t think I can transcribe Kay’s recipe here for copyright reasons, but if you don’t have the magazine knocking around your house, there is always this brilliant option I have just discovered.

I keep tearing the Kay & Fred page out of Delicious when I first get the mag, then immediately losing it amongst the flapping piles of paperwork littering the flat, so I have had to call upon this back copies service a couple of times.


Not so with the next Kay & Fred movie and recipe combo on the list. It is firmly under the bedside table, because MARTINIS are involved so there is no way I am losing that one!

If you have never seen Ball of Fire, go out and purchase it immediately. It’s bloody brilliant.

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