“I didn’t bring your breakfast, because you didn’t eat your din-din!”

Happy Birthday Blog!  It is 4 years since this blog was stared and my goodness, what a lot has happened.

A commemorative batch of Bette’s Baked Beans are in the slow cooker – it was the very first dish I made, on a rainy day in 2006 suffering the after effects of a Eurovision party.  Tomorrow Rosalind, Jimmy and Charley are coming round for a Silver Screen Sunday.  We’ll be watching “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” and devouring a feast of Bette and Joan recipes. I’m doing the veggie version of Bette’s Beans due to the lack of fat salt pork in this part of the world.  The veggie version uses peanuts – mmmmm…

I am somewhat exhausted after 2 days away from home DJing at a super cool party at Jupiter Artland – a wonderful sculpture park just outside Edinburgh.  Piggy backs, enormous spider webs made from fishing line and an endless supply of cocktails in teacups were just a few of the delights.  There was some shopping done too – I found two gorgeous vintage pinnies for my collection plus about a dozen new 78rpms including one that I think is called, “Doing the Dishes with my Duckie”.

I have returned with renewed vigour for cooking and the prospect of a blind date by the name of Jefferson…

Click on this link for the recipe for Bette’s Boston Baked Beans – at the bottom of the post.

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