“I will not retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make-up box.”
Me neither doll.William and Cary came over for tea and we polished off the Hollywood Salad for appetizers. Cary decided that the gherkins I placed on top of each salad smeared cracker would be “the copyright buster”. Ha ha!Much fun was had as the conversation turned to Ginger Rogers’ tapioca extravaganza. I revealed that I’d been so amazed to find a whole 1930s tapioca cookbook on ebay that I’d got trigger happy and bought it. The fact that the book is entitled “Miss Dine About Town” was the clincher. Ginger wondered out loud how one could Dine About Town purely on tapioca then suggested perhaps there could be a chain of restaurants called Tapioca Hut.

A late night phone message from a beau of Grace boldly demanding she meet him for a drink provoked a celebratory bout of Scottish dancing – purely due to the fact he has a Scottish name. I can see that there are going to be plenty of high jinx round at number 43.

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