William Powell
‚ÄúCultivate solitude and quiet and a few sincere friends…”

I wholeheartedly agree William as I pursue my weekend of self-imposed solitude. There has been much cooking and much writing already and tomorrow I will speak to no-one. I’ve done enough talking this week, now for some peace and quiet! I kicked off my Silver Screen weekend with some of Bing Crosby’s Turkey and Eggs a la Crosby. I have perfected the single girl’s portion – in a little buttered ramekin. So cute.

I’ve been really enjoying all the comments on the Gloria Swanson Competition post (see 1st March), love the fact that so many people are participating – both old friends and complete strangers. Adore the power of the internet.

Talking of old friends, fairly recently my writer-ex sent me a report on his rendition of William Powell’s Artichokes. He said that they, “looked somewhat dramatic and decadent on the plate, like the head of a giant tulip and would have not been out of place in a mansion owned by William Randolph Hearst.” What a fabulous mind picture! I wonder if WR and Marion Davies would have eaten them alongside their Rarebits! Writer-ex proclaimed them to be tasty but messy to eat, saying: “like eating a lobster, you get left with a lot of stuff behind. These fibrous leaves actually jammed up the waste disposal unit of my then girlfriend….but that wasn’t the reason we split up.”

Imagine if that had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. When friends asked, “what happened?!” you could blame it on William Powell.

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