Yesterday was the blog’s birthday. I’ve been scribbling away here for THIRTEEN YEARS – oh my goodness. When I started this thing I was utterly miserable after a relationship break-up and now I am the happiest I have ever been. I know for sure though, that making movie star fodder and blogging about it has definitely got me through some very rough times.

This post has been in my drafts folder for a long time and I’m sure this will only be of interest to people who are as nosey about other people as I am. My favourite thing about reading blogs is finding out juicy gossip about people I will never meet. That’s a bit odd isn’t it?

The lovely Gill of RealWeegieMidgetReviews bestowed a Versatile Blogger Award on me recently, which is lovely. Thank-you so much Gill!

I feel like Sally Fields!


There are three responsibilities involved in being a holder of this award – thanking the person who nominated you, sharing 7 facts about yourself and nominating 10 blogs you love for a Versatile Blogger Award so here we go…

Share 7 facts about yourself

There’s a TV show in the UK called “Would I Lie to You” and lots of comedians reveal facts about themselves which may – or may not – be true.

Every time I watch this show I wonder how on earth the two team captains (who are on the show every week) can keep coming up with mad facts about themselves.

It has taken me ages to think of these.

1 – The television show Falcon Crest has a big place in my life story as I was watching an episode of this on DVD when my neighbour Chloe sent me a text to ask if I was single. She then set me up on a date with someone she “thought I might hit it off with” and 6 years later we are still together. Cheers, Chloe from me, Mr. Rathbone and Jane Wyman!

2 – My absolute favourite foodstuff is peanut butter. Once at work I had a peanut butter and lettuce sandwich. Is that odd? It was about 5 years ago and I am still wondering why everyone thought this was weird.

3 – When I wrote the Cooking With Columbo cookbook, I counted how many raisins Columbo added to his favourite peanut butter and raisin sandwich so I could include it in the book. That is how pedantic I am…

4 – I once spent a few days hanging out in Woody Harrelson’s company when he was in London. It has become known as “Woody Week” – I had a lot of fun, but you know how it goes, “What happens in Woody Week, stays in Woody Week”.

5 – In a similar vein, I once sublet a flat from Richard Dreyfus. I had to pretend to be Russian. This is a long story and again, “What happens in Richard Dreyfus’ flat, stays in Richard Dreyfus’ flat”.

I did not build a potato mountain whilst watching Days of Our Lives, I promise.

6 – Mr. Rathbone is banned from playing Nutbush City Limits at his club or in his flat whenever I am present. I am compelled to do some crazy dancing whenever I hear this song and prefer to do that in my own company.

7 – I can play one song on the Ukulele. That was all I needed when I was single, as boys would spot my Ukulele, ask me if I could play it, patiently sit through a rendition of “Aint She Sweet” and then grab it off me so they could show off their skillzz.

Extra fact – I lost that Ukulele in Bulgaria. Which sounds like the name of a George Formby song, “I lost my Ukulele in Bulgaria.”

Drum roll please, my 14 fave blogs are as follows (I was supposed to nominate 10, but I have more faves than 10) in no particular order…

Battenburgbelle – my cooking partner in crime Cathy writes about what she is up to in the kitchen. As the best cook I know, it is all good stuff.

Dinner is Served 1972 – this blog makes me wish I could live in Baltimore. I have never met Yinzerella in person, but she cracks me up in private.

The Columbophile – the ultimate, fabulous, go-to place for all things related to Columbo.

Vincent Price Legacy UK – the ultimate, fabulous, go-to place for all things related to Vincent Price

Moorlands Eater – everything that Lynne makes looks utterly delicious to me!

Taryn at Retro Food For Modern Times was an e-friend for ages until she came to London from Melbourne and new we catch up every time she is here. I love her. Hey Taryn, let’s do another of those “watching the same film on other times of the earth and cooking appropriate food” things!

Silent London and Movies Silently – gosh these two fabulous women know a lot about silent movies. I am in awe!

My lovely chum Miriam Figueras is an incredible illustrator and I love to watch her draw live on Instagram sometimes – it is very relaxing. I cannot draw for toffee! She has two blogs one for her illustration

and one about classic cinema – which is how we both became acquainted. Like Taryn, Miriam and I have followed each other on the interwebs for ages and met IN PERSON once. I love it when bloggers meet!

Bibelot Magazine is a super stylish blog created by the aforementioned neighbour Chloe who is an ace maker and designer. Lots of beautiful things to look at chez Bibelot.

Hazel over at Diary of Number 15 is an inspiration. I loved it when she made a smoker from a filing cabinet. It was ART!

Recipes for Rebels is utterly fabulous and you must go there STAT if you are interested in movie stars and their favourite recipes. Greg has been e-chums ever since he emailed me about a Sal Mineo pizza recipe! Greg makes amazing cooking demo videos. Here’s the most recent…

The best thing about having a blog is all the chums I have made through the ether. I have become penpals with Annette from I’m Annette in the USA which has been lots of fun. Annette, we must do an Annette Funicello cookalong together sometime!

I am very bad at commenting on blogposts but I do have a dip in and out of all of these blogs when I have the time. I must set up one of those blog reader thingamiebobs so I can be more consistent…

So all of this to say, I am really happy I started this blog 13 years ago. It has been loads of fun and I have met so many amazing people along the way. Here’s to the next 13 years!

I pinched this graphic from The Mean Green Chef – droolworthy food!

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