Sometimes what you need is a big old steak and kidney pie and here is one made exactly to a recipe by Boris.

It’s only appropriate that Vic should be a guest for a pie like this, as the Universal Monsters song he co-wrote includes a few lines about Boris Karloff in Frankenstein.  I do miss those Dylan Rabbit days, it always made me laugh when Vic’s brother pulled out the wooden crucifix at gigs to repel Jan in his werewolf mask.  And I liked it when they did, “Rock and Roll Trousers” and I got to pretend to be a crazed fan, ripping off Vic’s trousers which had been cut into two pieces and were held together with strips of velcro.

Here are Vic and Jan performing, “Here Comes The Eggman”.

I just found this on YouTube which features Vic in his underpants and me with very short hair.  Oooh, I loved that blue shiny dress.  And what happened to that leopard print swing coat?  Ha ha – happy days.

Barry Evans by The Dylan Rabbit

The pie took me most of the day to make but it was a big success.

Boris Pie topless…

and with the lid on…

We were 4 hungry archivists and we ate the lot between us.  There was much discussion about the rent going up as Vic and Corinna live in the same block of flats as me and they too have had a massive rent hike.  Shall we stay or shall we go now?  The idea of moving all my junk again fills me with horror.  I’ve been here almost three years and I haven’t unpacked yet.  Mind you, if I do move, it is possible that I will find the things that Vic and I keep accusing each other of pinching when we split up.  Where is that brilliant metal peanut that opens up and you put peanuts in?!  Where is that little lion’s head you put on the front door to welcome visitors to your home?  Where is Vic’s Yogi Bear money box?

In an attempt to get some kind of grip on my financial situation I have bought a copy of my friend Michael J. MacMahon’s book “Back to the Black”.  I am going to follow every step within to see if I can afford to continue living in my Palace of Solitude.  I’m going to do a guest blog spot each month detailing my attempts to tackle my debt so if you want to hear my virtual tears you can check those out at the Back to the Black website.

Record of the week this week is Elkie Brooks.  Someone very drunk recently told me I looked like her.  I was really chuffed and as I was pretty drunk myself busted out with Lilac Wiiiiiiiiine all over the pub.  Love the internet – within 3 days I had the 45rpm in my hand and now I am playing it virtually every day and fantasising about being able to play it on the ukulele.

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