Oh yum, yum.  Boris’s pie was GOOD.  Charley C. came over for dinner and we ate half of it between us.  It was quite a faff to make but I think it was worth it.  Best part of the evening was watching Charley try to hula hoop.  He just flung it around his body and stood there hoping it would revolve by osmosis.  Mind you, I was so drunk I kept falling over onto the sofa when I tried to do it.  We hooped to the Jet Harris 45rpm that he was kind enough to let me buy in Audio Gold, even though he wanted it for himself.  RIP Jet.

There is a photo of the pie on the flickr site – I had to take it with the Flip camera so it’s a bit weird.  My wrinkle reducing stills camera has finally bitten the dust.  Boo hoo.

I’ve been editing the demonstration film for the Recipe of the Month this morning and I’m hoping to get the newsletter out today or tomorrow.  I think I’m getting better at making the films.  I like this one a lot, because not only does it contain a shot of the famous Slave Trader jigsaw but my mum is in it too.  There will be a prize draw for all the newsletter subscribers who email me with the word that I kept pronouncing wrong in the video.  One lucky winner!

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