Greetings from Tier 3 lockdown in London! I am hunkering down for winter hibernation and planning some concentrated work on the Vincent Price Co*Star Cookbook. I now have a deadline for delivering all the recipes, headnotes and feedback from all the test cooks. Deadline is Vincent Price’s birthday May 27th – eek!

It feels a little strange that work on the Murder, She Cooked book has to go on hiatus, but I remind myself that Jessica is still sitting there at her typewriter, and will be patiently waiting until I get a chance to get back to her…

When my co-writer Peter of the the Vincent Price Legacy UK was sent this recipe by Brett Halsey himself, I was keen to try it as sweetcorn is one of my absolute favourite foodstuffs. I can testify that this was super delicious!

I had quite a dainty portion of this on the evening I made it…

but as it was hanging around in my fridge for quite a while, I just couldn’t resist having huge spoonfuls of it every time I went into to the kitchen. IT IS KORN KRYPTONITE! I forced myself to freeze a few portions otherwise I was just going to eat the whole lot by myself. That would just be really greedy right?!

Last night I grabbed some from the freezer, wrapped it in foil and heated it up. It was just as good as when I first made it.

So the recipe has presented me with an interesting conundrum. How many people would this dish of corn fabulousness serve? Brett’s recipe didn’t specify. I think I am going to say 6-8 as a side dish. I am not sure any mortal, even one as corn obsessed as I am could eat a whole quarter of this dish even as a main course. But then again, maybe!

Thanks Brett – your recipe is fabulous!

I am tweaking the recipe, but if you would like it before the book is out, just drop me a line via the Contact Page and I’ll send it on over. If you would like to test a recipe for us, these are the ones currently available.

Everyone is welcome; it’s such a fun thing to be part of. I will send you the recipe and a feedback form – you’ll get an acknowledgement in the book and undying love from me!

Harry Morgan’s Stroganoff

Ava Gardner’s Fillets of Flounder

Bette Davis’ Spinach Stuffed Fillets of Sole

Ian Hunter’s Yorkshire Pudding

Jane Asher’s Red Pepper Soup

Jane Russell’s Curried Veal Crescent

Joan Fontaine’s Oven Poached Peach Marzipan

Lyn Bari’s Almond Tea Cake

Tallulah Bankhead’s Southern Fried Chicken

Constance Bennett’s Spanish Chicken

Ellen Drew’s Ginger Ale Fruit Salad

Robert Quarry’s Priceless Bread Pudding

Vincent Price’s Hotchpotch of Curly Kale

Vincent Price’s Pots au Chocolat

Vincent Price’s Pomme de Terre Macaire

Vincent Price’s Broiled Trout with Cucumber Salad

Vincent Price’s Guacamole

Vincent Price’s Iced Lemon Souffle

Vincent Price’s Italian Tipsy Pudding

Vincent Price’s Tagliatele Verdi Gratinate al Prosciutto

Ooh, that list has made me VERY HUNGRY!

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