“Some say my acting rose to the level of incompetence
and then levelled off.”
What else is a girl to do after having been dumped by text than go home and cook herself some comfort food. That hunk Buster came up with the goods. Four of my favourite things in once recipe – tuna, gherkins, toast and Worcestershire sauce. Mm. So I got stuck in to all that whilst contemplating the fact that I am now 100% single. That hasn’t happened for a long time really – 10 years I suppose. There has always been a bit of dangling in between. So according to popular legend it will take me 3 months to get over the Panther – Boxing Day then.

Coincidentally the 6 months it should have taken me to get over the chaw-bacon is up right now so that is DONE. Charley Chase however is another matter. Should be over him by October 2008. Ah well, the calendar is a funny thing. I blame the eclipse…

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