Made with one hand only!  My other was in a sling after a spectacular tumble on the cobblestones of Camden Market.  It was quite a drama with lots of lovely stallholders coming to the rescue and work chums fussing and looking after me as I sat in reception limp wristed and ashen faced.  Not broken thank goodness, just ligament damage.

It meant that this weekend’s cooking had to be simple and another thing that I figured could be made with one hand was the Brocolli Casserole proposed by Brian over at Caker Cooking.

The lovely Lisa Wakelam of Beyond the Fringes who I met through the internet via Brian’s site was kind enough to send me two jars of Cheez Whiz through the post from Ontario!  I had never SEEN Cheez Whiz let alone tasted it.  I am now a dedicated CW fan.  This was delicious, naughty and just the kind of comfort food a gal needs when feeling sorry for herself.

All my chums rallied round and Vic made me a chicken dinner on Sunday which was perfect.  I managed to make Carole’s pie left-handed and it really was very, very good.  Me, Vic and Corinna pretty much ate the whole pie between us.  And I learned a valuable lesson from Vic.  His little barrels of Heineken have the same amount of alcohol in them as my big cans of Grolsh.  I feel a beer switch coming on…

At times like these when you have your arm in a sling there is much to be thankful for.  Thanks Mr Vic for a lovely dinner, thanks Carole for your lovely pie recipe and thanks Brian and Lisa for introducing me to the wonders of mousse-like cheese in a jar…

I had one arm strapped to my shoulder all weekend – but poor Carole’s appears to have two!

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