Oooh, how I wish I could be in Bristol this weekend.  They are having a Cary Grant Festival – it looks amazing.  One of the organisers Charlotte Croft emailed last year to ask if I would send Cary’s Mushroom Canapés recipe which I duly did.  They will be serving some of these delightful little morsels again this year, at the gala screening of Bringing Up Baby which is on Sunday 17th July – see here for tickets.


Here’s a link to the festival website, my goodness it looks FUN!  


I am really going to try and go next year!

Here’s Cary’s recipe if you fancy rustling some of these up yourself.

Cary Grant’s Mushroom Canapés

1 x 8oz can mushrooms

2 tablespoons oil or fat

1 cup spinach

1 fresh tomato

1 tablespoon French Dressing

2 drops Tabasco Sauce

8 rounds bread

Saute chopped mushrooms in hot fat gently for 5 minutes being careful not to brown. Add to finely chopped spinach and tomato with French dressing and sauce. Toast bead to golden colour on one side and butter other side. Arrange mushroom mixture on buttered side of toast and serve.

Serves 8


Have a great time all you Cary fans!

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