The second of the cocktails and canapés tasting parties happened last Sunday at Nathalie’s place and was a great success.  We are planning a little book of these so are trying out a selection with our chums and gleaning comments and opinions about which ones work and which don’t.  Here’s the full spread.

I think the biggest hits of the night were the Vic Damone’s muffin pizzas, Ramon Navarro’s guacamole, Gracie Fields’ potted shrimp and Bill Bixby’s zucchini bread.  Thumbs down for Myrna Loy’s shortbread and Cary Grant’s mushroom canapés.

I was shockingly late getting to Nathalie’s and for this I am very sorry but the lesson learned here is that all these little fiddly things take a lot longer than you expect.  Nathalie did twice as much as me in half the time and was a very calm and unflustered hostess.  I would have been in a puddle I expect.

Next time we do one of these I promise to be more organised.

We are gleaning lots of good information about what makes a good cocktail and canapé party though.  First is that it is always good to have a pizza type item, also a meaty item.  Cakes are sometimes hard to make into bite size pieces so maybe we’ll do small muffin sized cakes next time.  Shortbread is hard to get right.  Cherry tomatoes are a godsend.  People like guacamole.

The house cocktail was a Ralph Bellamy number  but I was so busy guzzling it  I forgot to take any photos so I am going to ask Nathalie if she minds rustling up another for herself and sending over a pic and comments.  There was also Cathy O Donnell’s ice tea for the non-drinkers (were there any?!) and I was very pleased to be given a nice bottle to take home.

Mr R said, “I bet you like that bottle don’t you?” and I said “yes, might be nice for some home made ketchup” so obviously there is still residual jam jar addiction.  I have sent measurements for my kitchen cupboards to Heather as she is planning another intervention.  Next – my baking cupboard and spice cupboard.  Gawd help me.

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