“Creation is a drug I can’t do without.”

I am feeling the same myself this week Cecil – I am ON FIRE!

Had a fabulous, fabulous day today pottering around in the kitchen making the Sunset Boulevard Luncheon. There is definitely a new calm descending on these kind of events as much hilarity was to be had over the fact that my William Holden Gelatine dish hadn’t set – it provoked gales of laughter in the kitchen as I approached my guests wobbling the plate of goo…

Cecil’s chicken was a big hit. Just the right amount of spice I think and a big ole chicken from the butcher just about served 5 – Rosalind, Jimmy, King, me and special surprise guest John G who came mostly on the promise of seeing Charley who alas couldn’t make it.

Jimmy looked marvellous in his baker boy cap, short trousers and argyle socks. I wish I’d had time to make him a megaphone… King looked impeccable in his bib and tucker and Rosalind was resplendent in her mini-me “good angel” Norma Desmond outfit. I was all in black velvet and she was in white turban and flashy wrap around number. John G came at the last minute so proclaimed, “I’m in my jummy” and it made me laugh as he looked just cosy in his cardi.

After lunch we all flopped on the sofa to watch the movie and it wasn’t until John shouted, “Is anyone awake?” That we realised that we had all slept right through the first half. Shades of the VERY FIRST Silver Screen Sunday – “All About Eve” at Rosalind’s place over 3 years ago – May 2006…

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