I had to buy a pudding basin to make Clara’s mountain of rice with chicken inside.  Luckily for me the fancy cookshop in Muswell Hill is open on a Sunday and despite being on a budget I blew £7 on a nice red Mason & Cole one.  Now I am already dreaming about making a suet pudding like my mum used to make.  Like an expensive frock I’ll attempt to bring down the cost per wear of the basin.

Clara’s recipe is cute.  All of the recipes she dished out were cute really. I wish I had some of her Vanilla Marlow for pudding.  And if I liked oysters, it could be a perfect 3 course dinner.

It’s a big week this week for me at work.  I’m quaking in my boots as I have to make a speech at BAFTA on Thursday.  It will only be a few minutes out of my life but I’m already having palpitations about it…  I’m planning to tell an anecdote about Marilyn Monroe and Diana Dors so maybe this week I should make a DD recipe to channel some of her energy…

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