I have never barbecued anything.  I am a BBQ virgin.  I have the coals, firelighters, and wood and there are three barbecues in my communal garden but I guess I am SCARED of barbecuing.

I planned to brave it and have a barbecue last week with my chums Becky and Cathy then I chickened out, so we had an INDOOR barbecue and cooked Claude’s chicken in the oven.  It was delicious, and I’m sure cooked on a BBQ it would be even more delicious.  Maybe next year.

Many of you will know Claude from Murder, She Wrote

and I have big news!  I am going to be serialising the forthcoming Murder, She Cooked book on Substack.  

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There will be an episode guide and an accompanying movie star recipe sent direct to email inboxes every Wednesday. This will continue weekly until January – maybe beyond.  Many of the recipes won’t have appeared on the blog, NEW ones and it’s free to sign up folks!  We’ll be kicking off with Anne Francis’ Gazpacho to accompany the pilot episode of the show.

Sign up here lovely chums!

By the way, I am guilty as charged of googling like mad to try and find a blue velour tracksuit with a stripe on like Jessica’s.  Alas, I fear I might look more like Kath from Kath & Kim rather than Jessica if I ever found one.

I could just wear it around the house of course!

Here’s Claude’s recipe.  I served his fab chicken with Robert Quarry’s Potato Salad

and some of Cameron Diaz’s Roasted Corn Summer Salad (without the feta).

I was very pleased with this three dish combo, did I create a MENU?!

Here’s Claude’s recipe, if you cook it on a BBQ, let me know how it turns out.  Maybe I will get over my phobia and get cooking over hot coals before the summer is over…

I’m not sure how 1 x 3 lb chicken cut into quarters would serve 6-8.  We scoffed a quarter of a chicken each!

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