I’ve been putting off testing this as it looked like a bit of a challenge. It was, but it was worth it! Basically I made a Rita Hayworth’s Angel Cake then followed Claudette’s instructions for fancifying it with home made lemon curd filling and lemony frosting. Oh YUMSKI as my French colleague Marie-Agathe put it.

We’ve had a lovely redhead rockabilly girl working with us for a couple of months and she’s such a peach I decided to make the cake for her last day. What a success it was. Everyone piled up to the mezzanine waiting for their slice – it was gone in a flash! I decorated it with little pink sprinkles and some mini eggs to make it look Eastery. A BIG success!

And by the way, I hereby award test cook Miss Dorothy an internet MEDAL for making this for an event at the Cinema Museum. It is the most time consuming cake I have ever made so bravo Ms D over there at the British Film Institute.

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