Colleen Moore
It’s taken me ages to find out if Colleen actually was Irish – as her Shamrock Salad would have us believe. An excellent source on the internet – The Colleen Moore Project – says she was half Irish, half Scottish but born in the US. After my visit to Cardiff and in-depth chats to Anna I am currently VERY interested in the promotion of stars as being of a particular nationality. Colleen often played colleens if you know what I mean, but I LOVE this picture all Americanized. I would like an outfit like this to wear to the forthcoming wedding in Texas…

Today I had an email from Mickey in Athlone, Ireland which reminded me that I hadn’t blogged the results of his testing Colleen’s recipe. I loved his question, “what exactly is “chill in the Norge?” Ha ha – Colleen’s recipe appeared in a fantastic promotional booklet for Norge fridges. All the recipes say things like, “leave overnight in the Norge”, or “chill in the Norge” and there are various pictures of stars such as Ginger Rogers posing with Norge fridges. It reminds me of my lovely two years in Walthamstow with my own Ginger and Grace. We always referred to the fridge as The Norge.

Neither Mickey nor Katharine were mad about this recipe. It’s a novelty one I agree. Katharine suggested using very small peppers which I think is a good idea. I also loved Mickey’s point about pimentos – he left them out as he hadn’t a clue what they were! A recurring problem for the Silver Screen Suppers cooks. We may have to have a little section in the book to clarify some of these ingredients.

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