For a Christmas gift Mr Rathbone pledged to test 3 recipes for the forthcoming Cooking the Detectives book for me.  What a lovely present!

 This was the first one ticked off the list.  A very tasty chili courtesy of Robert Wagner.

The above pic was taken before the addition of Mexican Corn, it’s no longer called this in the UK we discovered, instead it’s now called Sweet Corn & Peppers – when did that happen?

There were a few other things that puzzled us about the recipe.  Firstly Canola oil.  We don’t have this in the UK so we used vegetable oil.  Secondly, elephant garlic?  Turns out it’s an actual thing – BIG garlic so the cloves are milder than your ordinary garlic.

Thirdly, tomato sauce here in the UK is often what folks call ketchup but we knew that’s not what was meant, so we used passata.

Finally “commercial” chili powder?  A glance through the rest of this book, which is a great read for a chili head, gave us some clues.

Basically we decided that Robert meant the kind of chili powder sold in the USA that has EXTRA stuff in it.  So not just straightforward chili powder, something beefed up with things like oregano, cumin and garlic powder.  So that’s what we did.  We added a couple of pinches of each of those to the mix and we were well chuffed with the results.

I would say Robert’s chili recipe is a good solid basic chili – it has earned its spot in the book – yippee!  I wonder if Mr Rathbone is game to test Stephanie Powers’ Pierogies recipe so he can do the double?

We reckon a full recipe of this would serve a lot more than 6.  Mr R made half the recipe and this was easily 4 portions.

I’ve just realised.  It’s Valentine’s Day as I write this, and I’m thinking about Hart to Hart and writing about chili.  I love chili!


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