It’s pizza, Jim, but not as we know it.  More like cheese on toast with sardines on top!

I had to try it though, as I really want to feature Inspector Morse in the Cooking the Detectives book and there are ZERO recipes from John Thaw in my collection.  As John and Sheila were married for nearly 30 years I’d like to think this is something she rustled up for him at some point after a hard day’s filming for both of them.

Mr R made me this for a Sunday lunch on a very rough day.  It was real comfort food.  We had two slices each.   Greedy!

Mr R’s cooking notes were as follows – unless your slices of bread are very large, you might get away with one medium-sized tomato.  Sardines can be cut in half for easier placement.  We used oregano in place of parsley as it felt more pizza-appropriate.  You may require a little salt.

Caution!  This is a bigger snack than it looks!  Not to be eaten between meals!


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