Remember I announced to the world via the blog that I was on a diet about 3 weeks ago?  Well, I’m happy to report that the pounds are actually leaving the body.  Thanks to Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, and Diana, I am reducing to suit fashion.  Extra exercise is helping too…

But I think the main thing is, SALAD.  Luckily we are having a mini heatwave so it’s perfectly fine by me to have a salad for just about every evening meal and I’m working my way through Diana’s selection in the X-cel diet book.

I’ve written quite a bit about Diana’s diet as it is FASCINATING!  If you want to know a bit more, skip over to this article…  

Here’s a glimpse into the fabulousness of it all

In my day job as a film archivist, I get to work with the TV-am collection.  This was a breakfast TV show here in the UK in the 1980s and Diana regularly appeared with her diet recipes and having a weigh in with one of the “Dors Dozen”, twelve ordinary folks who were dieting along with her.

One of the Dors Dozen got in touch with me a little while ago and told me a fab story about filming a cooking spot for Diana’s diet.  Read all about it here.

Maybe I should make Diana’s chili con carne next?!

The Artichoke Bean Bowl was interesting.  I can’t remember the last time I ate artichokes, I’d forgotten that I do actually like them.  Especially fresh ones dipped in tonnes of butter.  But I’m not confident about cooking them.  Fiddly.  Actually, I have an idea.  I’m gonna ask Battenburg Belle if she likes artichokes.  I’d be more confident if she was by my side.

Luckily for me, until then, it’s easy to get them in tins.

And here’s ye olde recipe…

Lest we forget, Diana in her slimmer days…

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