Only the prospect of a man I really fancy coming round with a copy of the Diana Dors LP under his arm would ever make me cook an aubergine.  But it’s happening tomorrow so I have done it.  Mr H has found a copy of “Swingin Dors” and is personally delivering it.   I am so excited I am having palpitations.   I have made DD’s moussaka and I am sure her recipe is good (I have followed it to the letter) but it’s just the thought of eggplant that is freaking me out.  Bah.

I shall wear the gold dress.  It is getting plenty of outings.  First the awards, then Eurovision, then last night as my “drinking champagne at home dress”.  It is DEFINITELY the kind of number Diana would pour herself into.  I am hoping Mr H likes it.  He appears to be the kind of man that would.

PS – Mr H liked the frock AND the Moussaka.  And strangely enough, so did I.  Here’s a not very good pic.

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