The Diana Dors diet continues.  I love tuna, and I love beans, so therefore this was a hit with me.  The dressing was surprisingly lemony and it’s a nice sturdy portion for one.  Very satisfactory indeed thanks Diana!


Finely grated rind of 1/4 lemon

3 tablespoons Slimmer’s Oil-free French Dressing

1 teaspoon snipped chives

75g cooked flageolet beans

25g cooked red kidney beans

50g canned tuna in brine, drained

2 tomatoes, sliced

Beat together the lemon rind, dressing, chives and salt and pepper to taste.  Mix the beans in a bowl and pour over the dressing mixture.  Cover and chill lightly.

Flake the tuna and add to the beans, tossing slightly to mix.

Place the tomatoes on a serving plate and top with the tuna and bean mixture.  Serve while still lightly chilled.

Serves 1

11g fibre per serving

220 calories per serving



As I often eat alone, I’m a big fan of recipes for one.  In this case though, if you are using tinned beans as I was, you’ll have a lot left over if you make just one portion.  I made double so I’ll have the rest for lunch tomorrow.  I popped the beans I had left into a plastic bag and find a suitable space in the freezer for them.

I will either use them for soup sometime if I remember they exist, OR, keep moving them around the freezer compartments until Heather descends upon me at some point and makes me throw them away…

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