In my two-year looky-aftery home, there is a secret cupboard in the kitchen.  It’s hidden under a work surface, and if you didn’t know it was there, you’d never know to look for it.

This has already become The Cupboard of Rarely Used Gadgets.

The waffle maker is in there, as is the pasta machine bought in 2020 during the first lockdown when I was planning to get adept at making ravioli.  I’ve never used it. The secret cupboard has also become the resting place for the ice cream maker. I bought this many years ago, and until now, I have only used it once. This is mainly because there was never room amongst the frozen archives to fit an ice-cube tray, let alone the big bit of the ice cream maker you must freeze first.

But moving into a new place with an EMPTY FREEZER, I saw my chance and made some of Dinah’s ice cream. It was DELICIOUS, and of course, the ice cream maker will probably not make it out of The Cupboard of Rarely Used Gadgets until I move again, but at least I have used it twice as many times as the pasta machine.

Here’s Dinah’s recipe. It’s easily adaptable to an ice cream maker if you don’t have an old-skool churner.  Plus, as I discovered at the weekend when you find a half-eaten tub of it in the freezer, it is super delicious with a bit of homemade walnut brandy poured over…

I’ve never heard an ice-cream being called Machiavellian before…


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