I once saw a series of photographs featuring the same family on the same day every year for many, many years. It was a fabulous insight into the ageing process. I have almost the same record of me ageing over the years with prawns in hand at The Company Shed on Mersea Island…

The thing is, I have a weird relationship with prawns. I LOVE the way they serve them at The Company Shed, HOT, cooked in butter with lots of salt and pepper with mayonnaise to dip them in. But COLD peeled prawns give me the heebie-jeebies

Well, yes, a little bit…

So I had to STEEL myself to make the prawn cocktail recipe in the Kay & Fred’s Movie Night column in the August edition of Delicious Magazine. I had been to a knitting class in the afternoon and we had repaired to the pub for a few pints, so I was a little bit drunk when I made this. But I was super pleased with how it looked.

For a moment I thought, “It might be a bit difficult eating this from a Babycham glass” then 30 seconds later it was all gone! Utterly delicious!

Kay & Fred’s movie recommendation was Ocean’s 11 and I had procured both the original version

and the modern version

Which did I prefer? I could not possibly comment!

For those of you retro movie fans, I hereby propose a Sammy Davis Jr dish. I haven’t made this myself, and in fact, I have never made any of Sammy’s favourites so I am going to put this on the “to-cook” list to rectify that.

I think you can only make this if you have the bongo beat. I have no idea what this means so I will have to ask Mr Rathbone…

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