Here is some inspiration if you are thinking of trying this month’s recipe of the month.  The lovely Lauren Hairston has made Dorothy’s ice-cream and blogged about it here.  My favourite thing about this whole project is receiving photos and emails about the adventures people have making Silver Screen Suppers dishes, and blog posts make me soooooo happy!  Thank-you Lauren – here’s hoping the mercury in Kansas thermometers is making its way down, down, down.  Mind you, even the radio news here in London mentioned the American heatwave this morning…

I’ve been on my summer holiday and it was wonderful.   I was on writing retreat in rural Sussex with my friend Ptolemy and you can read about some Vincent Price recipes over at the Vincentennial Blog.  Momentous news is that I have finished writing the Silver Screen Suppers cookbook.  OMG what a weird feeling.  After 5 years of planning, researching, test cooking, writing…  I can say that it is finished.  Of course, I know that there will be much fiddling around to do – tweaking the recipes, editing the biographies, maybe fiddling with the film recommendations.  But, to all intents and purposes it is done.

What will I do now?!  The plan is to write an ebook of dinner party plans for Silver Screen Suppers.  Would love to know what my blog readers think of that idea.  Drop me an email or comment below if you can work out how to!  I’ve been getting tonnes of spam lately and am thinking of turning off the comment facility, not sure yet though.

Now the writing is done, I’m going to have more time to cook.  It’s all been going on Vincent Price-wise but I want to work through all 52 recipes in the SSS book once more.  So there should be a bit more action here soon – and of course, volunteer test cooks always welcome.

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