I am fascinated by condensed soup. It is one of those things that is a run of the mill everyday staple in American supermarkets, but it’s not that easy to find here in the UK. There are currently 54 varieties of Campbell’s Condensed Soup featured on their website but here in London, I can get only FOUR. Ocado, my grocery delivery company of choice offers Cream of Tomato (this I understand because Cream of Tomato soup is something here in the UK I always want when I am feeling a bit poorly)

Cream of Chicken (I also understand this, another alternative for many folks if they are feeling a bit poorly I am guessing)

Mushoom (I also just about understand this, ever since I discovered Jack Cassidy’s Quicky Green Bean Casserole and began to see the amount of American recipes that use condensed soup instead of making a sauce from scratch.)

Last but not least, CREAM OF CELERY. What? Why? This is one of life’s great mysteries and one I will be exploring soon, when I tell you about the night I made Tessie O’Shea’s “Just-Discovered Tinned Cream Soup”.

But for now, suffice it to say, that when I saw that Dwayne’s recipe contained Cheddar Cheese Soup, it gave me a warm feeling inside. Because I knew there was a tin of it in my kitchen cupboard.

This was ferried back from the USA for me in 2015 by Heather and Nathan (with some other things we can’t get here) and has languished there ever since.

I requested the Cheddar Cheese Condensed Soup for a Bette Davis recipe (which was a BRILLIANT recipe) called Spinach Stuffed Filets of Sole. They kindly brought back two tins so most of the other went in this dish. Check out that delicious looking soup!

You probably don’t need step-by-step photos for this dish it’s a real “stir it all up and bung it in the oven” job, but I took some anyhow!

This is not gourmet fodder my friends. But on a weeknight, when you are trying to get a million other things done, it’s a very easy way to make dinner. I liked it. GLOOPY but good.

Helpfully if you are in the UK, Dwayne says his wife originally made it with cream of mushroom soup instead of the cheddar and celery. Hell, I bet you could even make it with the cream of tomato soup! Go on, be a devil!

This recipe is being tested for the Murder, She Cooked cookbook by my chum Peter Fuller over at the Vincent Price Legacy UK headquarters. I hear a rumour that he is going to make his own cheddar cheese soup! What a trooper!

There is still time to join us on the cookalong! Just click below to see all the wondrous recipes on offer (may contain condensed soup).

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