It’s day one of my writing retreat. I will be totally on my own with nobody to speak to except this cat for 6 days.  Luckily, Milky is a Columbo fan, as it’s all about Columbo this week.  


Today, I had to extend my arms as long as I possibly could in order to type, because Milky insisted on sitting half on my lap, and half on my laptop for about 4 hours.  Now it is 9.15 pm and she is back.  She is sitting on one of my arms as I try to type this.  I’m taking it as a compliment…

I decided to kick-start what I hope will be 6 days of sensible eating and no drinking while I am away, with a day of the Taylor-Made Diet, and I chose day 7 because FISH is involved and I love fish.

So here’s the diet plan for the day, and here are my pix of what I had.


I thought I had been really organised, by having an Ocado delivery on day one of my retreat, but I forgot a couple of things for Liz’s day 7, bread and an apple, so I improvised a bit.

Breakfast: 8oz fruit, a rivet (predictive text for Ryvita) instead of toast, and black coffee.


Lunch: Elizabeth Taylor’s Curried Chicken Salad with red pepper instead of apple – this is still Recipe of the Month as I haven’t had time to change it…  


Afternoon snack: crudités and Liz’s cream cheese and chives dip


Dinner: grilled fillet of sole, steamed asparagus and minted new potatoes


It was all very lovely, and I am absolutely FULL even without CRISPS AND BEER which usually make up most of my daily calorie intake.  Thanks Liz.  I enjoyed all of that.  There is a lot of washing-up to do though…


I worked on the Columbo cookbook for seven whole hours today and my brain is addled.  As I don’t have a TV, and the house I am looking after does, I now plan to veg out in front of Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan’s “The Trip” which I discovered on Netflix last night.  It cracks me up when they do duelling impressions.  The whole thing reminds me so much of a mini road trip I was once on with Wayne Garvie in Portugal, where we spent hours making each other laugh with absolute ridiculousness.  That was a fun day…


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