Exhuasted but very happy after a trip to Bath for the wedding of the century 2.  At the risk of breaking the hearts of classic Hollywood fans all around the world I have to announce that I was at the marriage of the lovely Matthew of Movietone News and the absolutely gorgeous Angela of Golden Strands.  Aw it was FABULOUS!  So many lovely things about the day but I think my favourite bit was watching Matthew singing some Bing Crosby songs for his wife – it brought a tear to my glass eye I can tell you.  I spun some tunes and I am sure it’s the only time I’ll ever play one of my Arthur Askey 78s at a wedding.  It was just lovely.

I’m back in the Muzzy but not at home.  I’m cat sitting for the lovely Paulette and Ivor.  It has reminded me that I haven’t yet written up P’s report on her cooking of Gary’s Griddle Cakes.  It was after the last book group (which I missed alas) and Becky stayed over – too much wine perhaps?  Paulette rustled up some Griddle Cakes for breakfast.  I guess that when I’ve made them before I’ve always felt like there were tonnes of them.  But that is because I’m a spinster.  Paulette said the recipe was just perfect for 3 adults with hangovers and two ten year olds.

Cor I wish I had the wherewithall to make some tomorrow morning.  I can’t believe I left my phone on the train.  I am now without contact with Carl D who was fixing me up on a blind date with his mate Hamish.  I think that Hamish sounds like the kind of man who would appreciate a Buttermilk Griddle Cake….

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