Here’s a suggestion of a beverage to accompany Gene Tierney’s Leaning Tower  of Tuna (aka Tuna Salad Royal).  A refreshing glass of V-8.

I stumbled across a V-8 ad featuring Gene whilst writing the previous post and that of course, sent me down a huge research rabbit hole.

I found two different ones for Gene…

and two for Theresa Wright too.

One featuring my beloved Rhonda Fleming.

My birthday buddy Dorothy Lamour

Here’s one I know my writer chum VT Dorchester will appreciate.

June Haver appears…

As does Jeanne Crain.

Richard Widmark

Dan Dailey

Shirley Temple

Maureen O’Hara

Claudette Colbert

and Robert Cummings

Here in the UK, the V sign all the stars are merrily making means something a little different to the V for V-8…

confusingly, it would have been fine if their hands had been the other way around…

But then, in the case of the ladies, we wouldn’t have seen their lovely red nail polish.

From now on, every time I make a Gene Tierney Tuna Salad Royal I shall have a V-8 alongside.  I promise.

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