The pubs are open, and I have been in TWO. Yes, I have left my eyrie and gone out into the big wide world, leaving North London for the first time in 17 weeks. I went on a train and everything! Here is me having my first pint of beer out in the real world.

As I pledged to do Quarantini Times until the pubs were open again, this is the final one. Of course there is champagne involved. Plus a horn in the style of Harpo Marx.

Me and the Mister have really enjoyed making these little demo films. It has made us laugh so much, and laughter is much needed during these strange times. As announced at the end of this video, I’ll be doing a tribute to cult film director Jan Manthey sometime soon. Until then, here’s the last cocktail demo for a while.

Cheers everyone! You will need champagne, cognac and a lemon twist!

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