Ooh, this was GOOD.  I followed the recipe in this Sainsbury’s advert…

But you know what?  From the minute that advert starts, you realise that times have changed since 1992. I totally remember the days when you went to a supermarket and you got a weird looking slice of fish that looked like Ian’s, a big fat side-slice piece of salmon with wings… now it will be flat, flat, flat – it’s the age of the fillet!

The recipe still works of course, and if you like salmon, you will like this, but I will say the following – the quantities Ian suggests for the watercress sauce make a LOT of sauce.  But you can always do something that most of us would have done in 1992 – put the leftovers on a jacket potato…

I think Sainsbury’s were ahead of the curve in 1982 – you can definitely work out how to make this dish after a couple of viewings of their ad – brilliant!

Loved you in Columbo Ian, and loved your salmon recipe!



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