Is this possibly the best Silver Screen Suppers chocolate cake EVER?  It has pipped Gloria Swanson’s, Shirley Temple’s, Fred MacMurray’s and even Celia Johnson’s I think…  This cake provoked more debate at work than any other I have ever made for my colleagues’ delight and delectation.  Comments included “consistency is spot on” and from Lucy “close to perfection”.  As Lucy is an excellent baker I count this as high praise indeed.  I just put jam in the middle (homemade blackberry & raspberry jam from the Beaconsfield jam making jamboree) but I’m going to make it again with buttercream too.  Obi says if I do that he “might explode”.  That would be fun.

I got up early for work to make this for my boss’s birthday but he was off sick so we ate it without him – ha ha!  We sent him this picture to make him jealous – that is pure glee!

I have promised to make him another one when he is better and I will post the recipe here too.  Mind you, I don’t want Cathy to find it.  I mentioned to her that this was a triumph and asked if chocolate cake was one of the categories in the Muswell Hill Horticultural Society spring show baking challenges and she said, “Oh no – I see a battle for category 51…”

The gauntlet is down!

In other news, I’ve been adding photos to my pinterest page – it’s new and I don’t really understand how pinterest works but check it out if you like – Movie Stars and Food – if you have any pictures of movie stars eating or drinking about your person please do send them over!  Until then, cheers Irene, here’s to Vinegar Chocolate Cake, Beer and Pretzels!

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