Battenburg Belle cooked a tremendous Thanksgiving dinner last night, ooh, it was marvellous.  I’ve a feeling that might become an annual tradition, and why not?  We don’t really do Thanksgiving here in the UK, but when everyone in the USA is having a party, why not us too?


goble til you wobble

When I asked BB in an email what she was going to cook, the response was: “Diana Henry’s cider brined chicken with prunes, chestnuts and baby onions, with some traditional side dishes – roast spuds, sprouts, a green bean casserole, something to do with parsnips and/or sweet potato, bread sauce, cranberry sauce”  CRIKEY!  Oh yum, yum.  So I volunteered to make the green bean casserole.

Green-Bean-CasserolePhoto – Del Monte

To say this was easy is an understatement.  The hardest thing was finding the crispy onions to go on top as these aren’t really a “thing” here in the UK and you have to hunt high and low for them.  In my case “low” as in the big Tesco, after much searching I found some underneath the salad cream.

Green bean casserole isn’t a “thing” here either, but I know it is in the USA.  Especially at Thanksgiving dinners.  Jack’s version is a 3 ingredient special.  Tinned green beans, cream of mushroom soup, crispy onions, that’s it.  Oh, some salt and pepper, plus a little butter to grease the dish (which I forgot to do).

Jack Cassidy's Green Bean Casserole

Nobody around the table of 10 had ever had this particular delicacy before.  Mr R passed, but I think everyone else tried some.  Earlier on when I told Mr R what the three ingredients were he said simply: “Eugh.”  Then a little later he asked me, “when you say crispy onions, do you mean pickled onions?”  See, I told you crispy onions weren’t a “thing” here.  But in a strange turn up for the books, I really liked the green bean casserole.  Despite the mushroom element.

This morning when I woke up I found a folded up piece of paper in my bra (I don’t usually sleep in my bra, only when I’m exceedingly drunk).  It read as follows: “Mike says that for first post zombie apocalypse, we can still have this for our Thanksgiving dinner as it all comes from cans and packets.”

Wise words.


The chicken and all the side dishes were REALLY GOOD.  All perfectly cooked, how does she do it?!  For afters there was a simply delicious rice pudding (Nigella Lawson recipe I think…) and a Vincent Price pumpkin pie which was also yummy.  I look forward to seeing the full write up over at the Battenburg Belle blog sometime soon!  Mind you, it might take a while as BB is going to be very busy, the PUPPY arrives today.

jack cassidy

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