It is official.  This month I am living my life like Jane Fonda.  When my friend Sanja gave me this book,

I vowed to spend a month eating and exercising like Jane.  That month is now here.  I am fully prepared

and have pledged on social media to recreate this photo in the Silver Screen Suppers kitchen if I actually lose any weight…

Watch this space.

The first proper meal I made from Jane’s book was really, really good so I decided to make the main element – the trout – the recipe of the month.  What I really like about Jane’s book is that she gives menu suggestions, and I LOVE THIS, as I am generally very lazy about accompaniments and usually go for potatoes and broccoli with every meal.  This time though, I followed Jane’s suggestion and had the trout with her Spicy Rice Pilaff and a dinky tomato salad.  It was a really fab dinner, the hazlenut and shallot sauce is really delicious.

Here’s a pic of Jane especially for my friend Michael McMahon who has admitted having a BIG CRUSH on Jane.  No wonder.  She’s gorgeous.

By the time you read the next Jane Fonda related post, I hope to have followed Jane’s workout at least once.  

I don’t expect I will be “going for the burn” as I haven’t done any aerobic type exercise for around 20 years, plus I don’t want to annoy my downstairs neighbours by jumping up and down too much.  That’s my excuse anyhow…

Now, where are my leg warmers?


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