The JG Ice Box Cookies are wrapped in foil and in the fridge.  I am going to bake them tomorrow and give them out at the event I am speaking at in a desperate attempt to get everyone to like me so much they won’t ask me difficult questions.  It’s a panel about women of early Hollywood at the Conway Hall.  Gulp.  I am nervous.

I’ve had an amazing few days that have turned my mood around totally.  The previous post was actually written last week so there has been a sea change since then.  I’ve got my mojo back.  I’ve been to see my folks which was lovely.  I got some love energy from my friends at Audio Gold.  I went to a party that I wasn’t invited to.  I took all my clothes off and swam in their pool in the nood.  I went to the seaside and saw my lovely ladies of the 43 and their entourage.  And best of all, I went to Heston’s in Knightsbridge and ate Meat Fruit:

Oh my good GAWD.  This was truly the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.  I am assuming that it is the real rind of a mandarin (poached?) filled with the most delicious meat parfait type stuff.  And don’t you just love the internet as in about 3 seconds flat I found a recipe for making it at home… – aha manderin PUREE.  Mmmmmm.

They got our order sightly wrong and as this is a top class joint they apologised by offering us a complimentary nitro ice-cream made right by our table by the gorgeous waitress.

It was all utterly delicious and I am now probably the happiest woman alive…

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