janet gaynor
I am living the high life at a stayingcool apartment in Manchester. “Deluxe Meets Pop” in the Edge – blime. It is SO fabulous with swanky furniture, blobby wallpaper and shag pile rugs that you could lose a puppy in. It is a “Forty Bottles” event. Marilyn is in bed in full make up and a leopard print scarf “doing some work”. This is the way of a modern entrepreneur. This is the life I want and I shall get it too!

Made a batch of Janet Gaynor’s IBC to take to the London Book Fair earlier in the week. Rosalind and Jimmy set up a production line for putting groups of 5 into little cellophane packages with gold ribbons and tailor made labels. They looked ace. As a “sweetener” for potential publishers they seemed to do the trick. Smiles all round when I plopped the cookies on the bargaining table! I am ashamed to say that as I was making the cookies in a slightly inebriated state having an animated conversation with Edmund I forgot to add the vanilla essence. They still tasted good though.

What on earth was Janet thinking when she listed the quantity though? I got over 120 cookies out of that dough!

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