“No one ever expects a great lay to pay all the bills.”

A feeling of great joy today after a lovely evening with the E17 posse. They came round armed with gallons of fizzy wine in an attempt to make a dent in the Cassis left in the number 43 cocktail cabinet via the medium of Kir Royales. Ginger, Grace, Cary, William, Jack and Grace’s new beau polished off the canapes with vigour – favourite seeming to be Marion Martin’s Peanut and Bacon Bouchees. We have christened the new beau Douglas Fairbanks Snr as he is full of vim. He said he wasn’t sure about the combination of peanuts and meat though – to which Ginger’s response was, “it’s a good job you don’t live in Thailand!”

I’d had a weird day in which my fortunes rose and fell to the tune of £300 over the space of an hour. I thought my battle with the storage company was won until – crazy archivist mentality not withstanding – I realised I hadn’t kept a copy of a crucial email. I blame the stress of that for the amount of fizzy wine I consumed. I knew I was really, really drunk when after getting into the bath to scrub my black flip-flop encrusted feet clean I heard someone say, “Come on now, be sensible” and it dawned on me that everyone else had gone home…

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