When I heard that Realweegiemidgetreviews was running a #JeffGoldbumBlogathon I wanted IN.

But a quick check on the recipe spreadsheet revealed nothing between Jeff Chandler and Jennifer Clulow, what could I do?

My old friend Google came to the rescue with a brilliant snippet from a Reddit thread. I am too old to inhabit the world of Reddit so I hope I am not breaking the law by reprinting this but it’s GOLD! Jeff was asked the question, “What is your favourite kind of sandwich?”

Here is his reply.

Oooooooooh. SANDWICH. OH MY GOSH. Oh my gosh. I love sandwiches. When I was a kid, every day I had a bacon lettuce tomato sandwich. Then at some point I switched to tuna fish sandwiches. Then turkey and swiss with russian dressing. Now I try to stay in the healthier vein, but I love every moment of my sandwich life.

Brilliant – Jeff loves his sandwich life!

I am a person who very rarely eats a sandwich. I would never think to MAKE myself a sandwich. I much more of a toast-a-bit-of-bread-and-stick-something-on-top-of-it-and-eat-it-standing-up-over-the-kitchen-sink kind of person. I decided that having one of each of Jeff Goldblum’s favourite sandwiches, made with care and attention would be FUN. Also:

1 – I have never eaten a BLT, let alone made one.

2 – I have eaten many tuna fish sandwiches but as my American friend Laura points out, a tuna fish sandwich in the US is a very different being to a tuna fish sandwich in the UK.

3 – I have never eaten a Turkey and Swiss sandwich and have never tasted Russian Dressing.

I expect American readers may be wondering what planet I live on. Well this week, I’m living on Planet Jeff Goldblum!


I googled the BLT and worked out the common denominators (obvious from the name you would think, but I didn’t know about the mayonnaise bit). I had some homemade Tartine Country Sourdough which is DIVINE toasted so I did that, with some fancy streaky bacon from Planet Organic, Biona mayo, little gem lettuce and really nice ripe summer tomatoes. All good quality stuff. This sandwich was utterly, utterly delicious.

I posted this pic on my Instagram feed and got an intriguing message from my chum Laura which read, “Have I told you my Jeff Goldblum story?” Well, NO but I was intrigued! I was hoping that it would be a story of Laura and Jeff being lovers (I would not put this past Laura!) but it was almost as good. Laura grew up in California and when she was 13 went to the same ballet class as Jeff. Laura told me lot of Hollywood related gossip and I was frantically typing notes as I cradled the phone on my shoulder. This resulted in phrases like this “vaseline till skinny weird guy jockstrap – tiniest – the default” Which I can roughly translate with other bits and bobs of notes.

Jeff was Laura’s default ballet partner. He always danced in footless tights with bare feet. Laura said that he was “really nice but odd.” The vaseline relates to George Chakiris, who also attended the same ballet class. He covered himself with vaseline as he was worried about aging.

When Laura saw a trailer for The Fly she thought, “F**k me! It’s Jeff!”

Other famous folk went to this ballet class and the bit in my notes which made me laugh the most was this, “Linda Wonder Woman – massive boobs.” Not a plus for ballet methinks…


Laura kindly told me how tuna sandwiches were made in her part of the world when she was growing up. We agreed that as she and Jeff were hanging around in the same area, this may well have been the way he had his tuna sandwiches. “Tuna, hard-boiled egg finely squished, celery beau monde seasoning – secret ingredient…”

I googled beau monde seasoning and discovered it consists of salt, celery salt and onion powder so I added a pinch of each to my tuna, egg and celery mixture and the resulting sandwich was DELICIOUS! I am getting me some beau monde seasoning for sure!

I am also excited to find out that beau monde seasoning is also an ingredient of the Ernest Hemingway burger recipe. I feel another recipe test coming on…


So now for Jeff sandwich #3. I have never had a Turkey and Swiss sandwich and I didn’t really have time to look one up so I just guessed how to put this one together. I made the Russian Dressing to this recipe from Epicurious. I loved this. Almost as good as that Ralph Hertz Thousand Island Dressing I made…. Mmmmm tempted to make that again soon…

I probably should have grated the gruyere but I just did big slices. I had a bagel to use up (delivered to me by accident by Ocado) and I was very pleased with my “sandwich”. But not as pleased as I was with my BLT!

Thank-you Jeff for that exciting trio of sandwiches and thanks to RealWeegieMidgetReviews for inviting me to be a part of this super fun blogathon! Next up is a Shelley Winters blogathon and I have something up my sleeve for that one too!

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