Cooking steak, just for myself, always feels like a big treat. But actually, I wouldn’t be confident about cooking it for someone else. I don’t do it enough to be blasé about it being done to their liking.

But when you are home alone, with a nice juicy steak in the fridge, and you are in the mood for it, I highly recommend Jerry’s way of serving steak.


This recipe is destined for the Cooking the Detectives book, in the section about The Law and Harry McGraw.

I am SAVING THIS SERIES UP as I have never seen it and know I will love it.  Firstly, it’s a chance to see more of the loveable old rogue private investigator that Jessica Fletcher is so fond of.

Plus, I love Barbara Babcock, and it gives me an excuse to test her Cheese Pit recipe.  This was my favourite of all the fabulous things made for my Murder, She Wrote hen night. My chum, Sanja, rustled it up. We have no idea why you would serve this with a fruit salad, but Barbara did, and so did Sanja!

I feel this coming as part of a smorgasbord sometime soon!

Here’s Jerry’s recipe if you fancy trying it,

and here’s a photo of how mine turned out.  Served with two potato cakes I found in the freezer and a bit of pimped-up tinned sweetcorn.

The Ocado robots decided to pop six massive tins of sweetcorn in my grocery order even though I hadn’t ordered them, so it’s sweetcorn with everything now!  If you have any ideas about what I can do with all of this, do let me know!

I’m not complaining, though. The robots gifted me this, too!

I would never buy it, but I am more than willing to eat it…

Oh, I just remembered: Vera in Berlin, who tested Jerry’s recipe for the Murder, She Cooked book, did this fab illustration of Jerry’s steak.  YUM YUM!


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