I got Tiger Blood man!  Today I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.  Then I thought, “What would Joan Crawford do?” and decided she’d cook herself a steak, have a glass of wine and get over it, which is exactly what I have done.  To hell with it, Joan would put it all down to experience and so do I.  I feel much, much better after a restorative steak.

I’ve been away from home for a few days.  To Manchester for Grennie’s wonderful wedding and then to Bristol to do the voiceover links for a forthcoming radio 4 programme about 78rpms.  It is going to be a MAD transistor transmission.  But hopefully some of the love and passion and friendship that these funny records can generate will come through the airwaves.  It was really great fun being in the studio and seeing how the soundbites are edited together.  The editor (I must find out her name) did amazing work not only editing out ums and ahs and hesitations but she also “harvested breaths” when she needed to insert one to keep the pattern of speech natural.  I was so in awe of all of this and loved being in the editing suite watching two masters at work.  Tim, the Producer is someone I like very much.  I’m getting hold of his book which is loosely (or perhaps mostly?) about bird watching.  I have to admit that lately I’ve caught myself looking out at the treetops from my kitchen window at little feathered things wondering what on earth they are.

There is stuff going on in my love life and although it PAINS ME not to spill the beans I can’t.  Rosalind has forbidden it.  I’ve had my fingers burned recently and don’t want to talk about my latest pash for fear of scaring him off.  I’m one degree of separation from him now on Facebook so I have to be careful.  I shall please Dad and keep Mum or whatever the phrase is.  Oh it’s such AGONY for a confessional person such as me to have to zip it.  Really, really gruesome and rancid.

Aw.  That reminds me of the dance-floor in Manchester Town Hall on Saturday with all my chums.  Life is GRAND.

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