Does anyone remember Ask The Family with Robert Robertson? My favourite thing about that show was the section where they showed an extreme close up photograph of an everyday object like a can opener, and the family had to guess what it was.

Ask The Family 

They could have used this picture of Joan’s French Banana Salad. Of course, it’s not an everyday object. It’s an extraordinary object. Did I eat it? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Yes!  I think Brian at Caker Cooking would like this recipe.  3 ingredients not including the lettuce.  Banana, mayonnaise and peanuts.  Simple.


I surprised myself with this one. It reminded me that I used to really like peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Haven’t had one of those for a donkey’s age… 

Mr R has just got in from work and is looking over my shoulder.  He said, “when did you make that?”  I said, “tonight”.  He said, “where is it?” I said: “I ate it”.  Ha ha – little things please little minds.

This recipe goes to show that everyone is different.  I laughed out loud at Fritzi’s video of her trying Joan’s dish over at Movies Silently.  She didn’t like it at all!  Fritzy is cooking her way through the Photoplay Cookbook and making some very strange things indeed.  Like Fig Newtons, I have never seen a Grape Nut, we don’t get them here…

So some people like bananas with mayonnaise on them, some people don’t.  I’m keeping a long list of all the things my new man doesn’t like food wise.  It’s growing.  We had this conversation in bed yesterday morning about Joan Crawford’s Danti-Chips which have gherkins on them.

Mr R: when I make them for Halloween I might put a caper on them instead of a gherkin.

Me: so you like capers but you don’t like gherkins?

Mr R: I don’t like gherkins because they are pickled.

Me: Capers are pickled.

Mr R: but they are SMALL.

joan crawford's french banana salad

I thought that Joan was looking a bit wide in this photo.  Mr R said: “it’s all those bananas…”

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