Cutting the crusts off a loaf of bread then covering it with half a pound of butter sounds like a crazy thing to do right?  Yes, I thought so too.  When I told Mr R how much butter was involved in making this he made an exclamation that’s not fit for a family blog but begins with F and ends with Ada.


This is definitely a foodstuff for which you need a trusty helper.  Joan’s instructions were to slice all the crusts off a loaf of bread, slice it, then cover all the sides with butter.  Mr R said: “I’ll hold it tight like a concertina and you slather it!”  He then gave me a little rendition of “Mama’s got a squeezebox, daddy never sleeps at night”


This is how it looked slathered…  Like a battenburg cake…  We were a bit scared about how it would turn out.

rsz_img_1042It went in the oven for 15 minutes and we had it with some Bette Davis Split Pea Soup (this will be the next column appearing over at Eatdrinkfilms so I’ll post a link when that goes live…

img_1054It was utterly DELICIOUS.  As Joan puts it “buttery on all sides”.  Yum yum.  As I said to Battenburg Belle in a text (with Vincent referring to our food hero horror actor Vincent Price) “Like Vincent, we must learn to trust Joan!”

joan with guns

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