Simple and classic.  Rye bread, smoked salmon, capers and lemon wedges. 


I can’t remember where I got these lovely round rye bread slices but I think it might have been the beloved Scandikitchen.


Or it might have been Budgens in Crouch End as they often have quite fancy-pants cocktail-hour foodstuffs.  So although definitely rye bread, it might not be EXACTLY pumpernickel, but this is all just giving me a chance to say pumpernickel again, because it’s such a great word.

I’m off to Crouch End before work today.  I am making a pilgrimage to the legendary Morley Butchers voted best London butchers in the Slow Food Awards. and I say yes.  Although I do still love my local butchers in Muswell Hill, and go there when I can.

midhurstI have to go to Morleys this time though, as I need veal for Joan Crawford’s meat loaf and a HAM BONE. 

Recent conversation between me and Mr R.

Me: I have to get a ham bone.

Mr R: For Ringo?

IMG_8667Me: No, for Bette Davis!

So tonight there will be two pots of deliciousness on the go.  Vincent Price Goulash on the hob, Bette Davis Split Pea Soup in the slow cooker….

Soon all the Joan dishes will be photographed, book launch getting close now – eek!

Do you think Joan is having fondue…?

joan crawford camera

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