Well I wasn’t expecting to enjoy that but I did!  A weird combination on paper, but on toast, not bad!  Picture here… Mind you, my enjoyment may have been partly to do with a raging hangover caused by much beer, wine and whiskey consumed yesterday during Grace’s hen do.

Lord it was a day and a half!  Brunch at The Engineer in Primrose Hill, a few hours in the company of bearded pigs, free roaming monkeys and the most excellent SLOTH at the zoo, dinner at the divine York and Albany then a crazy table dancing round off at an unknown dive bar in Camden.  We sure sent her off in style!  Can’t wait for the wedding…

So it’s a Sunday and I’m mucking about in the flat trying to declutter a bit.  Dinner tonight with one of my test cooks – Gene – who is over from Texas.  I was going to have her and her hubby over for a Silver Screen Supper but alas, I still have no table.  Although while I was in the butterfly house yesterday there was a cryptic message from Charley yesterday saying he has one for me.  Yippee!  Let the dinner parties proper commence.

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